Behind MH acronym used since the 80s, we can found Motor Hispania. In Seville, we already made Guzzi 65, also popularly known as “salta-montes”.

Doing a bit of history, after the 70s and 80s, we changed from manufacturing under Guzzi license to our own models. Models such as RYZ off road RX, among others.

Ending 2014 year, the company Jovicelect S.L. adquired all the assets from the mopeds and motorcycles manufacturer of the brands Motorhispania and MH Motorcycles.

So, we add a new business line to our company addressed to assist and supply a wide dealers and workshops network all over the word.

This business line is not exclusive for MH Spare parts, besides we offer different kind of spare parts, specific and generic products, in addition to our motorcycles line.

Jovicelect has done an important capital investment and resources management to offer a continuous, ideal and quality service, to promote keeping alive MH motorcycles brand.

In Jovicelect we are specialists in the supply of spare parts and accessories for motorcycles. We offer the most complete range of products of the brands Motorhispania and MH Motorcyles exclusively.

We are commited to maintain always an ideal level of quality in all our products, doing a careful selection of suppliers and a technical-commercial service open to listen to your suggestions.