A scooter with “neo-retro” lines, its “vintage” style is combined with the most up-to-date technological solutions: a headlight on the handlebar illuminated by a powerful H4 halogen lamp combined with LED light, and high-brightness LEDs present in rear light (position and brake light), in addition to using 12-inch wheels with two disc brakes combined with each other using the CBS system on the left handle.

Adapted to the new normative euro 5, with a new dashboard totally digital and with a new rear light design.

Designed to offer maximum efficiency with a minimum fuel consumption of 2.8 liters per 100 km, highlighting its valve drives with minimal friction, low inertia alternator with an electric power of 239W and electronic injection system of the American DELPHI , all combined with the simplicity of forced air cooling and a 2-valve head.

Novelty is also the propeller group used with long running interior dimensions that provide an immediate and energetic response to any throttle hit both accelerations to stop output and recoveries.

This scooter has a fuel tank of 7.2 liters capacity, seat at 790 mm from the ground, allowing any user to arrive with the two feet on the ground, a fundamental detail to achieve maximum control by pilots inexperienced that are released in the displacement of 125 cc with the car license, and ergonomics as a key feature of the new MH Vince 125, with a wide driving position and flat floor.

In addition, the weight has been contained in a lightweight 115 kg in running order that give great agility in urban traffic more congested.

As for equipment, the new MH Vince also stands out for having emergency turn signals, centralized seat opening in the contact lock; retractable bag holder hook in the rescuer; double provision of central and lateral trestles (equipped with the latter for disconnection of the ignition when it is extended), hollow for the helmet under the seat, and a practical rear rack that incorporates side handles for the passenger, and includes as standard a rear trunk with capacity for an integral helmet.


Technical features

  • ENGINE 4T – 125c.c. 2 valves. Air
  • POWER 9 CV @ 7500 rpm
  • MAX SPEED 95 km/h
  • FUEL TANK 7,2 L
  • CONSUMPTION 2,8 L / 100 Km
  • ARRANQUE Eléctrico
  • LENGTH 1830 mm
  • WIDTH MÁX. 675 mm
  • HEIGHT MÁX. 1155 mm
  • SEAT HEIGHT 790 mm
  • WHEEL BASE 1305 mm
  • FRONT TYRE 120 / 70 – 12
  • REAR TYRE 130 / 70 – 12
  • FRONT SUSPENSION Telescopic fork
  • REAR SUSPENSION Single shock absorber
  • BRAKE SYSTEM CBS (Combined brake system)